Plywood has become the first choice for everyone when it comes to designing the interiors and modifying the decors with the most beautiful furniture.

Leading Plywood manufacturers in Karnataka

Kammadi Plywood has been a pioneering force as the manufacturers of the most versatile and durable plywood for over two decades, setting benchmarks that have become accepted as the gold standard across the country.


Our BWP plywood is capable of handling alternating wet & dry conditions without the risk of delamination, swelling, warping, and rotting, even when submerged. Kammadi's plywood is dimensionally stable and extremely durable.


Kammadi's BWR plywood is made of 100% premium quality timber. BWR grade is more commonly used in interior spaces, particularly kitchens and bathrooms, although it can be used in exterior applications too.


Commercial grade plywoods are used widely for the interior sections. It is moisture-resistant plywood, hardwood material, and suitable for indoor household furniture which is commonly used in the living rooms, and bedrooms.


From raw material sourcing, the well-being of all our employees, health of our customers.

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